Glass Darkly

That blank stare,
What’s your name, honey?
I’m Steven, mom,
your little pillow,

I have a son named Steven.
I used to call him
my little pillow,
because he was a soft and pudgy baby,
and would let me rest my head on his tummy.

Yes, mom, I’m Steven,
just a lot older now,
and no longer pudgy,
but I’ll always be your little pillow.

Oh, Steven, is that you, honey?
Come here and give me a hug.
I’ve missed you, honey.

I’ve missed you, too, mom.
And I miss dad, too.

I miss him, too, honey.
He died, you know,
just sitting in his chair.

Yes, mom, I gave the eulogy
at his funeral.
We all miss him.

What are you doing here?

I came to visit you.

Oh, that’s nice.
Do you want some French Fries?

No, you go ahead.
We can talk when you’re done.



About stevenddorsey

I have been an avid writer for as long as I can remember. I enjoy composing poetry, lyrics, children's books and fiction for young adults. I have traveled the world extensively in my 25+ year career as an International Development professional and executive. I have lived in Europe, Latin America, and Africa. I speak Spanish and French. I married Rachel Miltimore in 1985. We have five children and five grandchildren. We currently live in Manassas, Virginia. We enjoy writing children's books together.
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