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All Flesh is Grass

  All flesh is grass, as seasons pass it withers, decays, and then sleeps, to awaken when Spring rains rise and caress its roots stretching deep.   All flowers fade that grace the grave, their beautiful petals will fall, returning elements … Continue reading

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Flat fields and plentiful rains— this was, after all, called at one time the Great Black Swamp— meant ditches lined the fields and roads to catch the runoff and channel it safely away to snaking creeks and rivers.   Mostly … Continue reading

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“Bus Just Stoppped at Rosebrocks!”

“Bus just stopped at Rosebrocks!” It was the window watcher’s call early on school mornings, when four children were rushing about, gobbling down Corn Flakes, packing lunches, stuffing books in bags, shrugging on sweaters or coats, and running combs or … Continue reading

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