‘Tis of Thee

Sweet land of liberty,
soured by betrayal,
soiled by self-interest,
sullied by treason,
of thee I sing.

Hand on heart
or in Scout salute
I pledged allegiance
to the flag
of the United States of America,
and to the Republic,
for which it stands,
one nation, under God,
with liberty and justice
for all.

Gratefully have I served,
at home
and abroad,
to bring American aid
to those in need.
Proudly have I seen
the bold stripes
of red and white,
and the white stars
on the blue background
wave at home
and abroad.

Now I tremble
with indignation
as outrage
after outrage
testify of treason.

Sweet land of liberty
of thee I sing.

About stevenddorsey

I have been an avid writer for as long as I can remember. I enjoy composing poetry, lyrics, children's books and fiction for young adults. I have traveled the world extensively in my 25+ year career as an International Development professional and executive. I have lived in Europe, Latin America, and Africa. I speak Spanish and French. I married Rachel Miltimore in 1985. We have five children and five grandchildren. We currently live in Manassas, Virginia. We enjoy writing children's books together.
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