Children’s Stories

The stories on this page have been written by Steven and Rachel. Stories are based on memories from their childhoods, memories of raising their own five children, and new stories for their grandchildren.

A Parade for Lucky

“Lucky! Lucky! Lucky, please pay attention. You’re spilling grain all over the ground!”

“I’m sorry, momma. I’m just so excited. Today is the 4th of July and there’s going to be a big parade!”

“Oh, yes,” said momma, “I know about the parade. But, the parade is in town. Today we’re supposed to go to the south pasture for grazing. There are lots of delicious flowers ripe for munching in the pasture.”

“But, momma,” said Lucky, “I really want to go to the parade. Rachel described the parade as she brushed me yesterday. She was so excited.”

“Now, Lucky,” said momma, “Rachel is a sweet little girl. But, you can’t imagine she would take you to the parade. She will go with her friends. Goats don’t go to parades. Goats go to pastures and munch on flowers. Now, please finish your grain.”

“Yes, momma,” said Lucky.

Lucky could not forget about the parade. When Rachel described the marching bands and floats and fire engines it all sounded so wondrous. Rachel said there were horses and ponies in the parade. There were spotted dogs riding on red fire trucks. Why shouldn’t goats join the parade?

Lucky followed momma and the other goats to the south pasture. It was a beautiful, rolling hillside pasture with deep, green grass. Stands of wildflowers sprouted everywhere. Sheep were already grazing and the goats greeted them and took their places around the pasture.

Lucky ambled to the far end of the pasture which was bordered by a small grove of trees. He began to graze. He was just about to grab his first big mouthful of bright, yellow flowers when he heard a distant wailing sound drifting through the woods.

Lucky was curious. He wandered into the trees to explore the sounds. After a short walk through the shallow wood, Lucky emerged on the other side. He was surprised to see through the fence bordering the hillside pasture a small town in the valley below. On the main street of the town Lucky spied a lot of people and balloons. Coming down the street was a big, red fire engine with its lights flashing and siren blaring. Sitting astride the seat behind the high cab of the fire engine was a large, spotted dog. The dog was wagging his tail and barking excitedly at the crowds below.

It was the parade and it was just starting! Oh, how Lucky wished he could join in the fun and excitement! He glanced around and just a short distance away noticed a small gap in the fence line. Perhaps some small forest creatures had passed through the fence here.

Lucky knew he shouldn’t leave the pasture. He thought if he could just get a closer look at the parade he would be so happy. He could tell all the other goats about what he saw. He walked over to the small gap and squeezed his way through the fence. He began bounding down the hillside toward the town and the 4th of July parade.

By the time Lucky stopped prancing down the hill he found himself on a flat, hard surface. He was on a street in the town! He looked one way and then the other up and down the street. It was abandoned. There were no people and there certainly was no parade.

Lucky lifted his ears and listened carefully. The sirens had stopped, but he could hear music beginning to play. He heard drummers and the drums made him feel like marching. He marched hurriedly toward the sound of the music.

After a few twists and turns Lucky rounded a corner. He saw a long street lined with a large crowd of people. Many were waving small flags or holding red, white and blue balloons. Colorfully dressed clowns were running from one side of the street to the other greeting the parade watchers. He heard lots of noise, shouting, cheers, and laughter. There were lots of children and parents and grandparents. There was one marching band just in front of him getting ready to start down the parade route. They were the last in a line of bands and parade floats.

There was a lady wearing a special sash around her shoulder and shouting directions to the band members. She glanced back and spotted Lucky staring at the parade.

“Well, there you are,” she shouted. “I wasn’t sure you were going to make it.”

And with that she pulled out of her bag a special red, white, and blue hat for Lucky and fastened it on his head. Then she hooked a red, white and blue blanket over his back. She hooked a red collar around his neck and fastened a blue and white leash to the collar and said, “Now, let’s get you to the front of the band where you’re supposed to be.”

Lucky followed the kind lady to the front of the band. Along the way band members were pointing and shouting at Lucky.

“Hooray, our mascot is here!”

“Hey, where did that goat come from?”

“He’s not the same mascot!”

“Who cares, he looks great and he’ll bring us good luck.”

At the front of the band two young girls dressed in lovely parade outfits held a large banner suspended on a pole between them. The banner read, “Delmar Marching Mountain Goats.” On the banner was a picture of a large mountain goat the same color as Lucky.

“They think I’m their mascot,” thought Lucky. “Oh, well, I suppose I can be a mascot for a day!”

The lady passed Lucky’s leash to the band major at the front of the band. The band major blew a whistle and began to wave his baton and march in place. With a few more whistles the band major thrust his baton forward and started marching. Lucky began marching proudly at his side.

Children along the parade route shouted and clapped and laughed as Lucky marched by them. Lucky bleated back and jumped and danced in glee. The band played enthusiastically and marched in unison behind the drum major and Lucky.

Time passed quickly. Soon the drum major whistled and waved his baton for everyone to stop. They all turned together to face a stand of people seated toward the end of the parade route. The band played “America the Beautiful” and Lucky sang along.

Once the band stopped, a man rose from the stands and approached a microphone. He announced, “The Mayor’s Choice Award for this year’s July 4th parade goes to the Delmar Marching Mountain Goats!”

The band members shouted and clapped in excitement. Many of them rushed to pet and hug Lucky. They all told him what a great job he had done. Lucky was very happy to help them win an award.

Toward the end of the parade route Rachel stood with her friends. When the Mayor’s Choice Award was announced Rachel looked at the band and spotted a familiar looking goat. She shouted to her friends amid all the noise and clapping, “That goat looks just like my Lucky. I think it is my Lucky!”

Rachel moved her way through the crowd. As she neared all the band members were petting and congratulating Lucky.

“Lucky!” she shouted. “What on earth are you doing here?!”

Lucky looked up and saw Rachel standing in front of him. He jumped for joy and ran to her.

“Is this your goat?” asked the drum major.

“Yes,” said Rachel, “But, I have no idea how he got here.”

“Well,” said the drum major, “no matter. He just helped us win the Mayor’s Choice Award! We’re glad he joined us. We would love to have him be our new mascot. Could you bring him to march in our parades? What’s his name, by the way?”

“His name is Lucky,” replied Rachel.

“That’s perfect,” said the drum major. “He brought us great luck today. Do you think he could be our new mascot?”

“I guess so,” said Rachel. “He seems to have really enjoyed himself.”

“Hooray for Lucky!” shouted the band members.

And that is how Lucky became the official mascot of the Delmar Marching Mountain Goats. And what wonderful stories he told his momma and all the other goats back on the farm.


Sometimes I’m a Giant

Sometimes I’m a giant.

Sometimes I’m quite small.

Sometimes very helpful.

Sometimes not at all.

Sometimes I’m so grownup.

Sometimes I’m just three.

Sometimes still and quiet.

Sometimes high and free.

Sometimes I’m courageous.

Sometimes I’m afraid.

Sometimes a tad naughty.

Sometimes well behaved.

Sometimes I’m excited.

Sometimes I’m so bored.

Sometimes most amusing.

Sometimes just ignored.

Sometimes I’m the winner.

Sometimes I’m the last.

Sometimes extremely slow.

Sometimes lightning fast.

Sometimes I’m the captain.

Sometimes I’m the crew.

Sometimes quite contented.

Sometimes a bit blue.

Sometimes I’m a flower.

Sometimes I’m a bee.

Always, though I’m changing,

Always gladly me.


Tommy is Two

Tommy is two,

What should we do?

Should we climb up a tree?

No, we’ll do that when he’s three!

Should we fly to the shore?

Let’s do that when he’s four!

Should we learn how to dive?

We’ll do that when he’s five!

Should we learn magic tricks?

We’ll do that when he’s six!

Should we paint a picture of heaven?

We’ll do that when he’s seven!

Should we learn how to skate?

We’ll do that when he’s eight!

Should we swing from a vine?

We’ll do that when he’s nine!

Should we give him some yen?

We’ll do that when he’s ten!

Then what are we to do

When Tommy turns two?!

I’ll give you a clue:

We’ll bake him a cake

And buy him ice cream

We’ll light up the candles

And then we’ll all scream,

Happy Birthday to you,

We’re so glad you are two,

You’re the most wonderful Tommy

Who we ever knew

There’s adventure ahead

In the years that will come

But today let’s just celebrate

That you’re no longer one,

You’re two, and that’s great,

So all this next year

We’ll sing and we’ll dance

So break out in loud cheer,

Tommy is two!

Happy Birthday to you!



April Fool’s Day

Happy Birthday!

April First Day!

Took a whole year to get here day.


Jump from bed day.

Cowboy boots day.

Spurs and chaps, ten gallon hat day.


Mama in the kitchen cooking

Waffle breakfast yummy looking.

“Mornin’ pardner. Hungry?” calling

Baby in the high chair bawling.


Waffle stack five high piling.

Butter, syrup, whipped cream smiling.

Waiting for a birthday greeting.

Mama, daddy busy eating.


Daddy out the back door dashing.

Screen door flying, springing, crashing.

Baby fussing, mama kissing.

Still no Happy Birthday wishing.


Chocolate cake and ice cream searching.

Lizzy on a shoulder perching.

Birthday presents never finding,

Paths through house and front yard winding.

Birthday cowboy worried, fretting,

Family may be birthday forgetting.

No! “Surprise!” family yelling,

H-A-P-P-Y  B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y-! banner spelling.


“You remembered!” cowboy laughing.

Mama, daddy, whistling, clapping.

Baby cake and ice cream drooling,

“We were only April Fooling!”


Birthday candles lighted, glowing,

Cowboy huffing, puffing, blowing,

Candles out, how exciting!

Wait! Birthday candles re-igniting!


Big box by the sofa setting.

Cowboy anxious, antsy getting.

Package opened, paper flying.

Present at the bottom lying.


“Underwear!” Cowboy frowning,

Mama, daddy, baby clowning,

April Fool again!” all cheering.

Into room a new bike steering!


Happy Birthday!

Pranks and tease day,

One more year till April Fool’s Day.


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